• Let Arcade Turnkey Your Online Sampling Program!

    Our new social media and interactive capabilities enable you to target the right consumers and quantify results. Arcade can turnkey the entire process for you.

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  • Data Collection Form

    Get your samples into the right hands.

    Not only do the consumers “self-select” to request your latest product, but they also invite and tell their “like-minded” friends to sample the products themselves.

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  • Social Media Sampling

    Engage your consumers where they spend time!

    All data collection and permissions can take place within Facebook (or other platforms) without requiring your consumers to navigate to additional pages. Consumers also receive immediate confirmation that their request has been completed.

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  • Mobile Sampling

    Reach customers on-the-go. A mobile strategy, such as a QR code, drives consumers to the data collection form where they can conveniently request a sample wherever they may be.

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  • Send Samples to Qualified Prospects

    Arcade will manage the creation and mailing of samples to ensure timely delivery to those who want them most.

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  • Motivate Purchase with an Email Strategy

    Continue the conversation and track the promotion to the register!

    An email program allows you to maintain communication with your customer so your brand remains top-of-mind. Arcade’s email strategy:

    1. Confirms when sample has been sent to the consumer
    2. Directs your customer to make a purchase

    Arcade and client aggregate data to analyze campaign’s performance at the end of the program.

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  • Customized Solutions

    Arcade Marketing has custom interactive solutions to support whatever your brand objectives are, such as:

    1. Product launches
    2. Brand restages
    3. Acquiring and retaining customers
    4. Creating and deepening customer relationships

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  • Test Drive the Program

    Take your programs to the next level with Arcade's Interactive Sampling Program.

    Want to see how it works? Test drive a demo.

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